Girls On Good Ground mentor program runs all year round. The meetings are held in Carroll and Douglas County facilities on Saturday’s 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

We provide small group mentoring to teen girls between the ages of 13-17 years old. The program provides small group Life Skills and Special Focus study courses consistent of workshops/trainings. The girls also do community service work throughout the year, participate in bi-monthly luncheons together, compete for college scholarships, receive monthly mentor to mentee calls from their mentor, and so much more!

Workshops and Trainings For:

College Preparation
Health and Wellness
Budget and Finance
Safety Awareness
Self Image
Cultural Arts
Peaceful Resolutions
Understanding The Legal System
Learning New Talents
Substance Abuse
Anger Management
Conflict Resolution
Anxiety and Depression
Stress Management
Coping Skills
Grief and Loss
Lifestyle Management
Teen Conflicts/Mediation
GED Tutoring Links

Other Trainings Available, call for more information.

The rate for service is $15 per small group session /workshop training.

Nearby  Towns: Douglasville, Carrollton and Dallas
Nearby Counties: Douglas, Carroll, and Paulding

Your call or e-mail requesting information and or registering for small group/sessions will be returned the same day of business.

Our approach at Girls On Good Ground mentor program is to reach teens girls right where they are when they enter the program and help them to: understand and implement wise problem solving skills, set attainable and realistic goals, exposing the teens to opportunities that they’ve never thought about exploring, and helping them get to new heights in becoming who God has called them to be because they are of course one of God’s greatest treasures, Girls On Good Ground.


Download the respective forms below, fill them out completely and email them in to:

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The membership fee is $15 per small group with option of paying for three sessions.

Please select the appropiate payment plan below:

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